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Described as the “Cream of the Crop” when it comes to entertainers, Banachek is the world’s leading mindreader. Having astounded audiences across the globe, his talents are so incredible that he is the only mentalist ever to fool scientists into believing he possessed ‘Psychic powers’ then later reveal he was fooling them.

Featured on CNN Live, NBC’s Today Show, and numerous network TV specials, he is the authority on creating the impossible. Performers around the world such as Uri Geller, David Blaine & Criss Angel seek his performing expertise, while Fortune 500 companies, casinos and theaters seek him for his outstanding performing abilities – a mindblowing display of incredible feats, ESP & impossible prediction. Banachek reduces cutlery to a near liquid metal state and reads thoughts that no one could possibly ever know. It’s an exhilirating journey into the unknown.

While his performance career is incredible, his background story is all the more remarkable. Coming from a troubled childhood – Banachek was forced to rely on his unique abilities from an early age. At just 18, he became a test subject at a heavily funded psychic research facility dubbed the “Alpha Project. For two years, scientists closely studied and tested Banachek’s abilities – and using only his skills as a self-taught mentalist – Banachek astounded the scientists and made them believe. Berthold E. Scharz, MD, a renowned psychiatrist, tested Banachek and reported that “…it is evident that he has a full spectrum of interrelated psychic abilities.” And so launched his phenomenal career as the man who fooled the scientists.
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